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Our goal is to reduce substance abuse to protect the health, safety, and quality of life of our community.

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Collaborations amplify our impact. Partnering with organizations through shared goals and values supports the needs of our community.

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Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness is changing lives.

  • Jayden Love <small>(She/Her)</small>
    Jayden Love (She/Her)
    Second-Year College Student & Founding Member of the Penobscot Nation Youth Council

    “WPHW has empowered me and other youth to make meaningful changes in our communities, breaking the stereotype that youth cannot make a difference because they are young. WPH and WHW opened my eyes to all the different issues impacting our communities and the world and helped me realize I was enough to make a difference.”

  • Amelia St. John <small>(They/Them)</small>
    Amelia St. John (They/Them)
    Food Sovereignty & Communications Coordinator

    "With the pandemic, a lot of things are food sovereignty focused. A lot of it is related to access. I was helping out at the food pantry and I knew everyone who was there. I have known them since I was born. It’s an intimate experience because of that. My work feels more meaningful."

  • Newell Lewey <small>(He/His)</small>
    Newell Lewey (He/His)
    Culture, Language & Education Division Manager

    “My vision for our communities is to connect our elders and our youth. There are a lot of older people who have learned the language and have a wealth of knowledge. Trying to tap into how to connect with these elders to share the knowledge they have, this is something that has to happen across all ages.”

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