Injury & Violence Prevention

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The Injury & Violence Prevention Division aims to prevent intentional and unintentional injury and reduce injury related disability and death by providing culturally appropriate and trauma informed programming within our tribal communities.

Kcitpahsuwet (Suicide Prevention) Program

The Kcitpahsuwet program focuses on offering suicide prevention education and trainings for our tribal members, service providers and community partners. Our goal is to help prevent suicide by increasing awareness; provide opportunities to learn and be trained on how to identify warning signs and symptoms; provide skills in preventing and responding to suicidal behavior and crisis; while also emphasizing our culture is prevention and promoting resilience. Efforts within our Suicide Prevention Program aimed at increasing cultural belonging for prevention of suicide include monthly community cultural activities, intertribal gatherings, elders’ teachings for youth, and creation of spiritual places for ceremony.

Mental Health Promotion

Our work focuses on increasing protective factors, encouraging healthy behaviors and relationships, and supporting traditional knowledge sharing opportunities within our communities for the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. Some programming and activities include, anti-bullying curriculum for youth grades k-college, information dissemination at Health Fairs and through social media campaigns, and monthly caregiver educational opportunities.

Elder Injury Prevention

This program focuses on elder social support and safety in both Passamaquoddy territories, Sipayik and Indian Township. Some of our programming centered around Elder supports are the Color Paper Project and a birthday card initiative to celebrate Passamaquoddy Elders’ birthdays on Sipayik census; on and off reserve. The color paper project provides food deliveries, masks, hand sanitizer, and water deliveries to Elders in Sipayik. Click here to read more about our Color Paper Project.

Wabanaki Veterans Services

Our Wabanaki Veterans Program is committed to improving our Indigenous veteran’s mental health. Our programming promotes connectedness through peer programs, community engagement activities and cultural-based events. Using documented research and evidence-based strategies, We work with Wabanaki veterans to reduce the risk of suicide and improve their mental health and overall lifestyle.