Behavioral & Substance Use Treatment Services

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We offer Behavioral & Substance Use Treatment services to both children and adults. We use a “whole person” approach, which means that people can get help managing both physical and mental health services in collaboration with their primary care provider. Behavioral Health Home/Case Management Services, are in partnership with Cornerstone BHC.

Our Behavioral & Substance Use Treatment offerings are located in Bangor. Our board is intertribal, comprised of Native people who bring a variety of professional expertise and client perspectives to their work.

Case Management Services

We offer “Behavioral Health Home” case management to both children and adults. This is not a place where people live, but a way of providing case management using a “whole person” approach. This is a Maine Care covered service. Click here to learn more about our case management services.

Medication Assisted Treatment Services

Medication Assisted Treatment is the use of medications, in combination with therapy, to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of opioid addiction. MAT is designed to provide clients the opportunity to stabilize from opiate use disorder and further engage in the recovery process. Click here to learn more about our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services.

Peer-Run Recovery Center

The “Wab” is an intentionally created space to conduct culturally congruent activities for Native Americans that promote health and wellness in the community. Membership is open to any tribal member with a history of mental illness; substance abuse; or some other life challenge. Click here to learn more about our Peer-Run Recovery Center.

Wabanaki Care Line

The Wabanaki Careline is a 24/7 crisis response line for tribal people in Maine.  It can be accessed by calling 844-844-2622 by phone or by text.  The Careline is staffed by caring individuals who can offer support, information about resources, linkages to care and clinical crisis stabilization response by phone and at times in person. The Careline is familiar with tribal communities, tribal health resources and programs.