Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery

Every year, Wabanaki tribal chiefs, community leaders, and family members face the tough decision to send those seeking treatment for substance use disorder hundreds of miles away to find culturally-centered treatment. Some never receive treatment due to the great distances between their communities and treatment facilities and a lack of programs that are culturally inclusive. These barriers result in pain, unresolved trauma, and loss of life. For generations, Wabanaki people have suffered from a lack of resources to immediately help those living with substance use disorder and give long-term support to those in recovery. 

Addressing the treatment and recovery needs in our communities, Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness will be opening the doors to the Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery, a facility to support tribal members on their recovery journey. The Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery will put culture, ceremony, language, and traditions at the heart of the recovery journey to support tribal members achieving optimal wellness. Those seeking healing will have the opportunity to re-establish healthy relationships with our culture and their wellness in Wabanaki homelands, where vulnerability is an opportunity to build strength.

The Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery, an IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program, will be opening in November of 2021. 

We are humbled and anxious to share in our dream to serve Indigenous people seeking to connect with culture and community on their recovery journey and beyond.