Case Management Services

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We offer “Behavioral Health Home” case management to both children and adults. This is not a place where people live, but a way of providing case management using a “whole person” approach. This is a Maine Care covered service.  This “whole person” approach means that people can get help managing both physical and mental health services in collaboration with their primary care provider.

The services are provided by a health professional known as a Home Health Coordinator (HHC) or Case Manager (CM) who will help to identify the mental, behavioral, medical and other whole person needs including financial, educational, housing, transportation, legal, mental health, peer, recovery and healthcare. CM’s help to identify the services necessary to meet those needs, coordinate and facilitate access to services and integrate care.

This model offers a culturally sensitive, team-based approach with the person being the center and driving force in their care. It begins with intake/assessment, identification of needs, developing a plan of care, referrals, care coordination/advocacy, monitoring, and ends when your goals are met.

Behavioral Health Homes build on the existing care coordination and behavioral health expertise of community mental health providers. We strive to meet your needs efficiently and in the shortest time possible.


Adult Community Integration Services is a service for adults ages 18 and above to help stabilize mental health issues, address co-occurring substance abuse, trauma, and health issues that affect a person’s independence and functioning in the community.  Adult Community Integration Services is a culturally sensitive, person-centered and team based including you, your health care professionals, peer and natural supports you (and/or guardian, if applicable) choose. This is a strengths-based approach provided flexibly in the home or in the community.


Targeted Children’s Case Management is a service for children ages 0-20 who have Emotional, Behavioral, Developmental and Cognitive needs. This is a culturally sensitive, team-based model which includes your natural/peer supports. A wrap-around approach is used to identify strengths, needs and barriers in the community and school.  Once needs are identified, the Case Manager will help to link caregivers with congruent community supports and resources to help keep the child in the community and in the least restrictive setting. We provide assessment, support planning, team facilitation, linkage, coordination, monitoring and advocacy to meet the needs of the child.