Community & Land Wellness

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The division of Community & Land Wellness supports the Wabanaki communities through providing programs centered around healthy eating, tobacco prevention, and public health education. Our programs are focused on developing and strengthening efforts to build traditional food systems and empower tribal households to address the overall health of our communities. This division offers food and water supports, educational resources, physical activity promotion, and traditional medicine information.

Étoni (Penobscot-Balance) Environmental Health Programs

Our programs work to promote environmental wellness through community education and prevention, while also providing advocacy for many environmental concerns/issues within Tribal communities in Maine. Click here to learn more about our Étoni programs.

Nuli Pomaws (Passamaquoddy-I Lived Well) Healthy Living

Nuli Pomaws (pronounced noo•lee buh•mows) is Passamaquoddy for “I live well.” This name was chosen to reflect the program’s focus on taking care of our bodies through physical activity and nutrition. Click here to learn more about our Nuli Pomaws programs.

Food Promotion

Mobile Food Pantry

The Wabanaki Mobile Food Pantry is a food truck that delivers food to tribal communities. There is no cost to the community for this service. Click here to learn more about our Mobile Food Pantry.

Tribal Sovereignty Programs

Our goal is to support and empower tribal communities and indigenous people of all ages to have access to traditional foods and clean water in their communities. Click here to learn more about our sovereignty programs.

Health Protection Programs

Our health protection work focuses on the prevention, education, and reduction of infectious diseases in our tribal communities. Click here to learn more about our Health Protection Programs.