Our Future Generations

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Nikan’usk Leadership Development focuses on creating opportunities for Wabanaki youth to connect inter-tribally as well as within their own tribal communities to integrate leadership skills they’ve gained to carry on to our next generations. We focus on engaging Wabanaki youth through fostering healthy development, building leadership skills, positive relationships, and promoting deeper cultural connections. A main component of the Nikan’usk division are the tribal youth council groups. Youth Councils engage in projects focused primarily on cultural preservation, social change, environmental knowledge, individual/community wellness, and community service.

Intertribal Youth Council

Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness works with each of the five tribal communities to support youth-led youth councils with youth middle school ages and up. Click here to learn more about Youth Council.

Youth Engagement Activities

We support youth-led and youth-serving programming that builds young people’s resilience and strengthens youth leadership on issues of public health, restorative practices, and social justice. Our goal is to support as many youths as possible to reclaim cultural identity, identify and use their voice, and empower them to make positive changes within their community and beyond.

Substance Use Prevention

Our substance use prevention efforts include supporting National Prescription Drug take-back days, Health Fairs, Health promotion events, Culture is prevention efforts, Substance free community events, and Prevention education/trainings.