Our Future Generations

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The division of Our Future Generations supports in utero all the way to adulthood. We believe that youth are our future and should be involved and informed about the decision-making that will affect their future. Helping to support a positive environment for families to thrive surrounded by culture, connection, and healing. This division offers supports to beginning families, positive youth development, art/culture, outdoor experiential learning, youth engagement/empowerment, building leadership skills, and the opportunity to strengthen cultural identity.

Experiential Learning Programs

Through experiential learning, participants have the opportunity to develop outside of the traditional classroom structure. Experiential education enables participants to discover and build on strengths in an Indigenous setting. Click here to learn more about our experiential learning programs.

Nikan’usk (Mi’kmaq-Leader) Leadership Development Programs

Nikan’usk Leadership Development focuses on creating opportunities for Wabanaki youth to connect inter-tribally as well as within their own tribal communities to integrate leadership skills they’ve gained to carry on to our next generations. Click here to learn more about our leadership development programs.


Wabanaki students are unique and their path to what they define as “success” will be just as special and diverse. The purpose of our Student Success program is to provide support and advocacy to Wabanaki students in any stage of the education process to promote the intergenerational well-being of students, their families, and communities through mobility and self-actualization. The program is designed specifically to help students overcome barriers, instill confidence to self-advocate, promote empowerment, and improve the transition process from higher education into real-world careers.

Maternal & Child Health Programs

Our Maternal and Child Health programs are centered around advancing the health and wellness of women, girls and young children. Click here to learn more about our Maternal & Child Health programs.