Experiential Learning Programs

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Through experiential learning, participants have the opportunity to develop outside of the traditional classroom structure. Experiential education enables participants to discover and build on strengths in an Indigenous setting. This learning environment allows for growth in one’s emotional, physical, spiritual and mental capacities. We believe that experiential learning gives participants the ability to develop and heal through learning life-long activities to carry on to our future generations.

Project Venture – “Adventure with an Indigenous mind”

Project Venture is an adventure-based, experiential education curriculum for middle school aged youth that integrates culture, adventure sports, and service learning through in-school and out-of-school sessions. Students will have opportunities to discover their strengths while engaging with each other, nature, and Wabanaki culture. Click here to read more about Project Venture.

Nutokehkimucik “Art Lab”

Nicknamed the “Art Lab,” this program focuses on cultivating the next generation of Passamaquoddy artists by deepening their knowledge of Passamaquoddy stories and art forms, developing their artistic skills, and providing them with opportunities for economic advancement as Indigenous artists. Through the study of Passamaquoddy story and design and practice within their chosen mediums, each student is given the opportunity to explore the long history of Wabanaki artisans who have supported themselves by keeping traditional knowledge alive. Click here to learn more about Art Lab.

2019 Photo Voice Gallery

In 2019, Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness partnered with the Bakery Photo Collective to pilot the PhotoVoice project. This partnership provided the opportunity for Wabanaki youth to learn photography skills through workshops from the Bakery, engage with their peers from across Wabanaki territory, and practice our tradition of storytelling digitally. Click here to view the 2019 Photo Voice Gallery.