Health Protection Programs

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Our health protection work focuses on the prevention, education, and reduction of infectious diseases in our tribal communities. Our major areas of focus are Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis C, and Vector borne disease. We center our messaging around respecting the health and wellbeing of ourselves, caring for the health of our communities and supporting our community members in their journey to healthy living.

COVID-19 & Flu Prevention

We are here to help you and our community stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness has several programs to support the community during the pandemic. Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 prevention.

HIV & Hepatitis C Prevention

This program’s main focus is the prevention of these two key diseases and harm reduction in our communities. This is through a series of efforts including education, supplies, and strategies which encourage all community members to be tested.

Foodborne/Vectorborne Disease Prevention

This program aims to implement strategies of prevention primarily focused on diseases associated with ticks. Many of our cultural practices take us outside into nature. We strive to make these cultural activities as safe as possible and provide resources to those who have been impacted by these diseases.

Emergency Preparedness

This program focuses on our readiness to respond to a public health emergency.  Efforts here include developing emergency plans, training staff on emergency procedures, and help prepare the communities to respond to an emergency.