Cultural Activities & Programs

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We develop programs that bring together elders, mentors and youth to practice and share cultural teachings and language. Doing ceremony on a consistent basis increases language competence and cultural knowledge in all of our community members. By increasing opportunities to use language in all gatherings and all forms of communication, we normalize Wabanaki language use and increases fluency.

We incorporate best practices in suicide prevention and trauma-informed healing into all of our cultural activities, our programs promote healing and general wellness in the communities.

Weekly Virtual Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Language Classes

Each week, come learn the Passamaquoddy-Maliseet language in an immersion style learning classroom over Zoom and Facebook Live. These classes take place every Tuesday at 2:00 PM and are taught by Newell Lewey, our Cultural and Language Manager. Click here to register for Virtual Language Class.

Bimonthly Virtual Community Smudges

Begun as a way to ground healing in the face of a global pandemic, the division developed a model of safely offering Ceremony when it was unsafe to gather. While being live-streamed over Facebook, trucks with pipe carriers and singers travel slowly through all of the neighborhoods offering smudge to people who come out on their porches or wait by the street.

Community Events

Talking circles, community socials, and other events will be planned as soon as they are allowed under social distancing provisions. Pipe ceremonies are done by request and will become more inclusive as COVID-19 precautions allow. Sweat Lodge Ceremonies will also be offered as soon as they are allowed under COVID-19 provisions.