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The Nutokehkimucik Program, the name of which translates to “learners,” is a program offered by Wabanaki Public Health within the Passamaquoddy community of Motahkomikuk. Nicknamed the “Art Lab,” this program focuses on cultivating the next generation of Passamaquoddy artists by deepening their knowledge of Passamaquoddy stories and art forms, developing their artistic skills, and providing them with opportunities for economic advancement as Indigenous artists. Through the study of Passamaquoddy story and design and practice within their chosen mediums, each student is given the opportunity to explore the long history of Wabanaki artisans who have supported themselves by keeping traditional knowledge alive.

In 2019, Art Lab students were able to attend various markets in Maine to display and vend their work. Pre-pandemic, several students were preparing to attend the We Are the Seeds and Santa Fe Indian Markets in New Mexico in 2020, but all travel and markets have been delayed, and the Art Lab Program has shifted focus to virtual art labs and the creation of various cultural resource videos.