Project Venture

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Project Venture is an adventure-based, experiential education curriculum for middle school aged youth that integrates culture, adventure sports, and service learning through in-school and out-of-school sessions. Students will have opportunities to discover their strengths while engaging with each other, nature, and their culture.

The in-school component of Project Venture aims to prepare participants for the after- and out-of-school sessions. Skill development and group formation will be emphasized during the sessions focusing on connections with ourselves and peers. There are 27 in-school sessions, approximately once per week.

The after-school activities take place at school and some days we will travel to local wilderness settings. We have a small bus that we will use to travel to the after-school and out-of-school session locations. We can also transport youth home from the after-school sessions with your permission. There are 22 after-school sessions, approximately once per week on day/time TBD for 12 out-of-school sessions. The after-school sessions are prerequisites for the out-of-school sessions and multi-day sessions (more info to follow on multi-day sessions).

The out-of-school component generally refers to those sessions that take place beyond the standard school week, including weekends, holidays, and school vacations. The after-school and out-of-school components, typically lasting 2 hours and 8 hours respectively, the intensity and challenge of activities increase. In both components, youth continue to develop as a group, work on behavioral norms, deepen communication and problem-solving skills, build healthy relationships, and plan and complete service learning projects and cultural activities.

COVID- we will combine the in-school and afternoon sessions in a virtual format, and reassess as time progresses

We will provide water bottles and supplies as needed (ex. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, bikes, transportation, snowshoes, camping and climbing equipment, hiking boots, etc.) We will provide a list of supplies needed for any event where extra supplies are needed (ex. appropriate clothing).