Our Team Visits Greenland!

Our Team Visits Greenland!

WPHW team members have been offered a wonderful opportunity to visit Greenland alongside the University of Southern Maine’s Tourism and Hospitality class through May 7th!

Our Division Directors, Andrea Sockabasin, Saige Purser, and Lauren Stevens, along with our Communications Projects Specialist, Tiana Aurelio, began this exciting journey. WPHW welcomed a group from Greenland and Alaska to our Millinocket properties last summer, which began fostering these meaningful connections. We look forward to continuing these connections, building relationships, and further guiding this valuable work.
Date: April 26, 2023

Our WPHW team members and our USM TAH friends are on day five of their journey. They will arrive at the Campus Kujalleq today to work with Greenlandic service management and guide students sharing culture, language, and foods. Our WPHW team will continue to share more updates regarding the trip soon! We thank you for the support!

Date: April 29, 2023
📍 Narsarsuaaraq | WPHW team members and USM tourism & hospitality students visited Qassiarsuk, the South Greenland UNESCO world heritage site. This site was deeply meaningful to our team, who learned so much.
Qassiarsuk has been a camp site for the Inuit and the Norse ruins of Erik the Red. Our team completed a tourism site assessment, which supports the local community in their future planning. Our team is grateful for this expanded knowledge.
Date: May 2, 2023

Our WPHW travel team and USM friends are continuing to work with Greenlandic Service Management and Guide students to conduct tourism site assessments, share the significance of culture and language, and to learn from one another. Sharing our culture and traditional foods allows for deeper connection to Mother Earth and all our relations.

Date: May 8, 2023

Our WPHW travel team and USM friends are collaborating on a Taste of Two Worlds cookbook with the Inuili Culinary School, Narsaq, Greenland. They had the opportunity to prepare traditional recipes together and share them with community at an amazing food event.

While in Narsaq, the team worked with Inuili culinary students and staff, as well as local friends, toured the community and shared food, history and culture. WPHW looks forward to continuing our relationship with the school, and our USM friends to complete the cookbook and more!

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