Tribal Home Visiting Program

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Our services can begin anytime in the first year of life, starting in pregnancy and continuing through age 3. In addition to supporting families in their own space, we will focus on advocacy, support during appointments, and facilitating gatherings for all caregivers. 

Sharing Traditional and Evidence-based Practices to Support and Honor:  

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum  
  • Breastfeeding and Early Nutrition 
  • Parenting Knowledge and Skills 
  • Optimal Child Development 
  • Unique Journeys in Caregiving 
  • Connections to Culture and Community 


We acknowledge that the earliest days of parenting set a path for both caregivers and their children. We hope to strengthen our families to support happy, healthy, and successful journeys. 

We want to connect our people with individualized support during pregnancy and the early years of caregiving, guided by the Family Spirit model. Family Spirit is an evidence-based home visiting curriculum developed for and with Indigenous communities by Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health.  

We know that our program will be determined by our communities, strengthened by our culture, and enjoyed by the families that we aspire to serve. 


We are beginning to enroll caregivers who are pregnant or have children age one or under from the community of Sipayik or Maliseet of Houlton. 

We are currently enrolling for our home visiting program for Passamaquoddy of Sipayik and Maliseet of Houlton, services will begin in Spring of 2024. We are expanding services to include Passamaquoddy of Motahkomikuk, Penobscot Nation, and Mi’kmaq Nation in early 2025. 


Register here: Wabanaki Families Referral Form

If you have any questions about the program, you can contact the Wabanaki Families Program Director (Rachael Mahar, or Program Coordinator (Madalyn Dana,