The Waponahki Health Needs Assessment (WHNA)

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The Center of Wabanaki Research, Knowledge and Innovation is proud to announce the online, self-guided Waponahki Health Needs Assessment (WHNA) is in full swing! Select service area participants that have received a purple envelope in the mail can take the self-guided assessment today! We will also offer Zoom appointments for the survey and will begin scheduling sessions December 19th, 2022.⁠

Participants will receive a gift card for sharing their knowledge. Please note that e-gift cards may take 2-3 days to arrive. To learn more, please contact us at (888) 788-5663 or at

Your voice is critical in ensuring we celebrate the positive areas of health and wellness in our communities while assessing the areas in which change and progress are needed. This survey is part of an ongoing effort to assure our Tribal citizens have fair representation in public health data collection.

WHNA Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this survey?
The WHNA is open to Enrolled Wabanaki Citizens living in their Tribal Service Area who received a purple envelope.
What do I need to access the survey?
You should have received a purple envelope in the mail that will contain your community code. Follow the provided link and enter your community code to begin.
Can I take I the survey more than once?
No, each eligible participant can take the survey only once using their unique identified code.
I tried to access the survey, but it says I have a duplicate code. What does this mean?
Please send an email to with your community code and let us know what happened. You must include your unique community code with your email.
I left the survey, how do I get back in?
Participants can choose “Save & return later” at the end of each section. If you choose this, you have the option to: 1. write down a "7-digit return code" that will allow you to return to the survey, 2. send yourself an email with a link to return to the survey later, or 3. bookmark the page you are currently on to return to the survey
I completed the survey. When will I get my gift card?
Electronic and physical gift card requests are processed every afternoon Monday-Friday. Surveys completed after 3:00pm on Fridays will be processed on Monday.
Can I complete the survey over Zoom?
Yes, we offer zoom sessions as well! Please call 888-788-5663 or email with your community code to schedule a Zoom survey.
I have a question not listed. What can I do?
We can assist! Please send an email to with your community code and your question. One of our team members will be happy to support you!