Peer-Run Recovery Center

The “Wab” is an intentionally created space to conduct culturally congruent activities for Native Americans that promote health and wellness in the community. The name of the center is “The Wab”; which reflects the name referred to by its members. Membership is opened to any tribal member with a history of mental illness; substance abuse; or some other life challenge. The Wab offers: vocational, recovery, and social activities that promote health and wellness in a culturally appropriate way. The center and peers provide a safe place for our community to go/”haven”; culturally congruent, offering Native American- teachings, spirituality, arts and crafts etc.; integrated with the community supports networks- to create and strengthen relationships; awareness building on a variety of topics i.e. Red Road to Wellbriety, 12 step groups, nutrition, ways of managing conditions, “life choices” (suicide prevention groups), sharing visions (Hearing Voices) coping groups, cultural groups; a place to access to resources via the computer phone, books pamphlets, community and tribal happenings; a recovery oriented environment.