Elder Injury Prevention

This program focuses on elder social support and safety in both Passamaquoddy territories, Sipayik and Indian Township.

  • A Colored Paper project was started in the Passamaquoddy communities. Our goal with this programming is to provide a way for our elders to communicate their needs in a safe way during the pandemic. Each elder household is provided with a plastic sheet protector to hold the colored sheet of paper, and instruction sheet with the meaning of the colors, contact information for the team members supporting this effort, and times for when they will be doing rounds to check for changes of needs. 4 sheets of colored paper are provided: yellow if in need of supplies, red if they are feeling ill, green if everything is ok, and blue if they are sad and in need of someone to talk to. Elders are asked to place the sheet protector with the color that aligns with any needs they may have in a door or window visible from the road.
  • A birthday card initiative was being done for every Passamaquoddy elder on Sipayik census; on and off reserve. Each card is personalized and sent during the elders’ birthday month to promote connection and celebrate them.